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She was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen in my life, and I have an appreciation for beauty.

Yes, she was most definitely beautiful.

I was in love with her.

But I was naive, how could she ever love someone like me?

But I thought she was different, I thought that maybe she’d understand.

I thought that maybe she’d see the real me.

She could hardly even look at me.

And when she did?

All she could see

was a monster.

So I bacame one.


And this is it, the final curtain call. I never wanted to see this day come, but I can hold it off no longer, I can’t go on anymore, I can’t live like this.
I hate my life, I can honestly say that with conviction, ever since I was small I’ve felt nothing but pain and misery, and throughout the years this continued. You gave me hope, that this life could still have been a better one, I’d rather die than give you up. But it seems I’d perish no matter what choice I make. It was never you, the problem was me. I’m not worthy of anything, dirt has so much more worth than me. I am no one, and no one will miss me, but surely I will miss you. Not that you cared. Every day is a day where my life slowly ebbs away, but you did not care, not a single shit. In fact, you somehow made it worse, you gave me happiness when I needed it the most, I thank you for that, and strength as well. I could not have been the person I am today without you, not that it’s anything to be proud of. But aside from all this, you also made living worse. Everyday I carry a burden, so heavy I cannot continue alone, but I still endure, for I have done so my whole life. It’s something I have done countless of times, and will still do. Every time I see you, I feel joy, but also sadness, because I know, that deep down, you’re what is slowly killing me. So goodbye, please don’t take this too hard, it was my fault, not yours, my decisions lead to this.

Goodbye meat. I’m going vegan.
(Or at least I will try to) 

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